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From short-term lettings to long-term property investments, we’ve built our reputation on excellent customer care and high professional standards.

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Property represents a solid investment which has outperformed most other forms of investment.

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We combine a targeted approach to marketing with a rigorous vetting procedure for all tenants.

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We get quotes from an approved list of qualified tradesmen and are present when work is done.

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  • Rees & Associates have been managing two rental properties for me in Cambridge for almost a decade. During that time I have found them to be most professional and attentive in all matters dealing with my properties.

  • As a superbusy landlord I don’t have time to get involved in managing my buy-to-let properties but care very much about how my tenants and properties are looked after. I’m really grateful for the extra care in keeping me constantly informed about what’s going on and your beautifully reassuring solutions that keep my life anxiety-free.